Posted by: datango AG | December 19, 2011

We hit go-live on time! Erm. Now what?

I had an enjoyable conversation late last week with a prospective client that is grappling with exactly this issue. Namely they’re a mature SAP ‘shop’ and have, for the past several years, been less focused on ‘change events’ and more focused on optimizing adoption – or ‘sustainment’. I took a lot from the conversation and feel compelled to share the way in which they’ve broken down their sustainment strategy into 5 straightforward cornerstones. Here they are:

1) Training Material(s) Refresh – Develop a strategy and approach for the prioritization of the maintenance of key training and documentation assets and devote resources to this activity.

2) Get Users to Training (or better yet, get the training to users) – Ensure that you have a plan and process in place to identify users requiring intervention and assistance while also providing the appropriate vehicle through which these users can be provided (or force-fed) with the required upskilling.

3) Super User Skilling – Identify your super user community explicitly and develop a scalable strategy for super user community development and ongoing super user education and certification.

4) New Hire Onboarding – Ensure that you have adequately maintained and documented the appropriate learning path for new hires, by role, so that onboarding isn’t a constant stream of ad hoc events, rather a product of good ongoing sustainment discipline.

5) Self-Service – Develop a robust model for end user help self-service and (back to #1) make sure that this vehicle is up-to-date, a constant for all communication, and the focal point for all end user support. This is a virtuous cycle, if the self-service experience is good, users will actually self-serve; if it’s bad, they’ll flee in droves and lock up your expensive help-desk resources.

If you’re developing a sustainment strategy, make sure you’ve got these 5 areas covered and you’ll be on the right track to achieving ongoing end user adoption. Thanks to this prospective client for the engaging discussion. I hope we’ll keep the dialogue going.

Happy holidays,

Steve – datango


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