Posted by: datango AG | November 18, 2011

SAP UK&I User Group: Want to drive a Bentley? @SAPUserGroup #ukisug11

OK, I know I’ve made a few jabs at our marketing department on these posts, but this time they’re really earned the criticism! Not content with their shameless promotions featuring ‘free beer’ and ‘free money’ they’ve now stooped to an all-time creative low and are offering the chance to drive a Bentley, go rally driving or even rally Segwey riding (I’ve no idea either…). And if that’s not enough, you should also ask the datango staff on our stand about winning a Nintendo Wii!

So what’s the catch? Well, this time they’re making you earn it. How? It involves one of these things:

datango pedometer

datango pedometer

That, my friends, is a datango pedometer and it measures how far you’ve walked. And, during the SAP UK&I User Conference (starting Sunday, November 20) eligible attendees can pick one of these up at the datango stand (number 37) from 4:30pm. The prizes go to the people that have clocked up the furthest distance while at the event and we’ll even keep you updated on Twitter (@datangoAG). Terms and conditions apply and these will be available at the event.

My 3 tips for clocking up a few extra miles? 1) Pick a pedometer up on Sunday afternoon; 2) take it with you to the reception on Sunday evening; 3) ask one of our team to join you for a dance while you rack up some extra steps and get off to a flying start.

I guess there was a few pounds left over in the marketing budget this year guys?

Best wishes,

Steve – datango


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