Posted by: datango AG | November 14, 2011

“The application is sooooo intuitive it is practically viral.” Oh, really!?!

 OK, now I don’t want to come off as a complete cynic, but I saw this ‘ad’ from Microsoft and I just became more and more frustrated as each 10 seconds elapsed. It’s just too much of an over-simplification of what’s required to ensure end user adoption that I almost felt insulted (I said almost, I’m not that easily offended). Take a look and read my comments below. Then let me know your thoughts…

I know what you’re going to say: “Nobody needed to worry about user adoption of Facebook or Skype or YouTube or [insert any tech with lots and lots of users who didn’t get training]” but I’d argue that there is one huge difference between all of those technologies and the systems we use to run our businesses today – they were adopted, initially, by individuals and not companies. Further, when these technologies were adopted by companies, they come, at a minimum, with policies and guidelines governing their use which must be communicated and monitored to ensure compliance or productive use for the benefit of the company/attainment of corporate goals (read ‘ROI’).

At the end of the day, in a business context, ‘adoption’ is not synonymous with ‘usage’ it is more closely aligned with the phrase ‘appropriate usage’ – and ‘appropriate’ must be defined, communicated and measured.

Agree? Disagree?

And apologies for starting the week with a rant!

Best wishes,

Steve, datango



  1. Agreed and feel a bit insulted as the user adoption concept seems to be a bit oversimplified…. while I “use” my mobile phone every day I am pretty sure I would get better ROI if I took the time to read the manual, visited some online tutorial or got training for how to use speed dial or even voice activated dialing… but maybe I am not ready for that space age type of adoption!

    • Clearly you’re a technological luddite Mr. Copeland! thanks for the comment.

  2. I agree with David, end user adoption has more than one facet. It cannot only be measure by the number of users or how much an application is used in a community. It must also be measured by the level of knowledge that users have of the tool. I use FB, Skype and YouTube but I only use their features to ‘get my by’, and certainly not to their full extent!

    Had I paid for their services though, I would most certainly want to get the biggest ROI I could out of them… But for me to ‘adopt’ everything the technology has to offer, learning the application has to be much faster and the material I’m learning from has to be much more user-friendly than going through a lengthy manual!

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