Posted by: datango AG | October 11, 2011

Inspiring Performance: “A fool with a tool is still a fool…”

Some of my colleagues attended the Nimbus annual user conference last month, ‘Inspiring Performance’ and left, well, inspired. From my last post you’ll gather that we’re partners with Nimbus and offer an integrated and entirely complementary solution and while that’s good grounds for promoting this event in its own right (albeit somewhat self-serving) the positive feedback that I’ve heard regarding the event really stems from the content. In particular, the content from the Nimbus clients (and, indeed, some that are also our clients) stole the show. Those that really resonated with the datango team were Dr Anne Salètes from Novartis, René Nibbelke from BAE Systems (who’s quote inspired the title of this post) and Richard Leaman from the Guide Dogs Association.

If you’d like to see a nice summary from the event, simply click play on the video below:

Thanks to the Nimbus team for being great hosts (as usual) and for delivering another valuable event.

Best wishes,

Steve – datango


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