Posted by: datango AG | October 5, 2011

Align expectations with BPM for project success (oh, and for other efficiencies…)

I like hearing from Michael Krigsman as he balances ‘tell it like it is’ with the ability to simplify his message so it is readily understood by all. Take this video from Progress Revolution in Boston earlier this year:

I’d like to expand upon Michael’s message from this video and this blog post. In short, BPM’s a great vehicle for aligning on the ‘what needs to be done’ and this is a critical foundation upon which everything else is built. Here at datango, we tend to focus on the next layer down from ‘what needs to be done’ and delve into answering the ‘how should I do it?’ question. But too often these two critical ‘components’ of a robust IT initiative are viewed separately and dealt with in isolation which is a shame as there’s tremendous efficiencies and greater value when the two are integrated seamlessly. In fact, a post by Ian Gotts, CEO of Nimbus (full disclosure, Nimbus are a datango partner with whom we’ve performed just this type of integration) wrote a compelling blog on a related topic that’s worthy of a read – click here.

My take away from both Michael and Ian’s comments is simple: Get aligned on the ‘what’ and make sure you also deliver the ‘how’ – and do it all in a consistent, engaging, relevant, intuitive and accessible manner. Difficult? Maybe. Impactful? Definitely. And if you’d like to know how we can help you do just this, feel free to contact us.

Best wishes,

Steve – datango


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