Posted by: datango AG | June 6, 2011

Is your project team just shredding money?

I read Michael Sampson’s blog on the ‘money shredder’ alarm clock, including his suggestion that these would be a great way to reduce time wasted on ineffective meeting practices if placed in every meeting room. It got me thinking…

Imagine if every project team member still using ‘Snag It’ and ‘Word’ for documentation development had a money shredder clock on their desk that required, every day, the company to feed it with 9 times the employee’s daily salary? Or if a developer of end user training materials using ‘Captivate’ had to feed their money shredder clock with 4 times their daily salary every day. It certainly ups the ante on the opportunity cost of inefficiencies.

“So why pick 9 times and 4 times the daily salaries?” I hear you cry. Well, we just documented the efficiency improvements achieved by two of our clients’ change management and user documentation teams in precisely these two areas. The results were in excess of a 90% improvement in productivity of the documentation teams and over 80% improvement in the productivity of their user training teams. That’s a nice return, but I’m sure the sales person in each scenario would have found the sales cycle far more expedient if the respective clients were feeding the money shredder clocks for every day that they didn’t have our software…



  1. Great idea – would love to see the results of your study.

    • Thanks Michael,

      We intend to collect additional data from clients during the next few months and document their ROI/successes. Watch this space and thanks for visiting – and keep blogging, we’re readers!


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