Posted by: datango AG | May 24, 2011

What motivates us to change? What are the barriers to efficiency?

Two great questions and, if you’ve got 28 minutes to watch an entertaining presentation by the charismatic and informative Rory Sutherland (Ogilvy ‘Ad Guy’), you’ll get some good food for thought. Granted Rory speaks in generic or consumer-focused terms, but the take-aways are also applicable to any rollout of mission-critical software where the goal is for as many users as possible to embrace change. After watching, I’m curious as to whether you’ve got ideas as to how you might ‘frame’ the presentation of change to users? Of how you might provide ‘relative value’ examples to motivate the desired behaviour?

Definitely worth the 28 minutes… Enjoy (with a warning that there are occasional profanities in the clip)



  1. Great video. Thansk for sharing.

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