Posted by: datango AG | April 25, 2011

Sugar highs and the sharp fall…

I appreciate that Easter isn’t a holiday that’s observed by all, but my Easter Sunday with my two little boys really made me think how much children and that particular holiday have in common with IT projects. Confused? Let me try and explain:

The day starts, like most projects do, with lots of anticipation and excitement. Then there’s fervent activity (eating of chocolate eggs) until go-live (8am yesterday was our ‘go-live’ from an Easter perspective). Sugar kicks-in and things go swimmingly for a couple of hours (on a project, extra staff/consultants are on board to ensure a seamless transition for a few weeks).

Then what? The high wears off/the consultants leave/extra resources are pulled back into their ‘day jobs’ and we’re brought back down to earth with a ‘bump’. What follows is a lot of crying, tantrums and a need to ‘sleep it off’ – and that’s just for the IT team.

Next Easter, we’re going to initiate rationing of chocolate to the kids. And I’d ask you to think about the end of the sugar high on your next project. A comprehensive strategy that encompasses an effective and efficient vehicle for post-go-live adoption optimization (yes, that is a mouthful) is the only way to avoid the crying and tantrums after the ‘high’ wears off.

I’ll let you know how Easter 2012 turns out on a future post (if I remember)…

Steve, datango



  1. Sounds like my last project and easter with my kids too!

  2. Funny!

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