Posted by: datango AG | April 5, 2011

What’s in a name?

I spent this past Sunday with my wife and two little guys ‘downtown’ in Boston and we had a great time exploring the city. The highlight, for me and the kids, was the Boston Duck Tour where we boarded an amphibious WWII ‘Duck’ with our ConDuckTour (really). How does this relate to user adoption? It doesn’t (directly) but I acquired yet another little nugget of useless information that will occupy space in my brain otherwise reserved for things that might fall into the ‘meaningful’ category. I digress.

Whether true or false, the little gem I heard on the tour was as follows: The ‘Big Dig’ (the world’s largest engineering project at the time, burying an above ground motorway under the city) was originally called the Central Artery Tunnel Project. Or, for short, “CAT P”. Not a particularly endearing a moniker, hence the more ‘catchy’ “Big Dig”.

This lessor known morsel and poorly thought out acronym made me think of all of the uninspiring project names I’ve been exposed to during my many years in this industry: ATLAS, MERCURY, ZEUS (yes, there was a ‘ZEUS’) etc. It’s time to start naming projects more creatively. It’s time to use the name to drive positive awareness. No more Greek Gods, mythical creatures, or global references. Are you with me?

So if you have a project name that you’re particularly proud of (good or bad), submit it as a comment below. I’m interested to see how creative we can get.


Steve, datango



  1. “Radar” for our last BI (Cognos) initiative

  2. Dave was what we called our last SAP upgrade because we couldn’t think of anything else. We have had SAP for 12 years and run out.

  3. PIMS! Process Improvement for Marketing & Sales. And on go-live in August of last year, we did a big launch event with lots of Pims to celebrate. Everyone was really excited!

    • We have a winner! A great name, and great idea for a launch event. Congratulations Pauline!

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