Posted by: datango AG | April 1, 2011

Tales from two cities…

Last week saw three of our clients speak at events in Dublin, Ireland and Johannesburg, South Africa. So, first things first, thanks to Mercury Engineering, Rehab Group and Consol Glass for their time, openness and (selfishly) for their business. I should also add my thanks to our partners in Ireland and South Africa, FDT, Nimbus Partners and Braeven International for hosting these events on our behalf.

The thing about listening to our customers that never ceases to amaze me is how much we learn – both about how our technology has helped improve their business and about our clients’ businesses in general. Here’s some of the highlights:

Our friend Deborah at Rehab Group reduced the time it takes to prepare documentation and user training materials by more than 50%. A tremendous accomplishment.

Graham at Mercury Engineering delivered a compelling presentation which illustrated how he had reduced SAP helpdesk calls by over 60% within one of his key regions.

I also had the pleasure of having breakfast with Johan at Consol Glass who then delivered an entertaining presentation that covered everything from the South African cricket team’s prowess to the health benefits of glass packaging, intertwined with details as to how he’s been able to more effectively deliver SAP end user training and support through his team’s use of datango software.

To each of you, thanks for sharing your experiences. To all reading this post, if you’d like to hear more from our clients or partners; or if you’d like to share your story, just contact our marketing team via the website.


Steve, datango


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