Posted by: datango AG | March 9, 2011

“Free Guinness. Save Time. Save Money!”

One of the core elements of a successful change management initiative is effective change communications to the end users. Simply put, these communications need to highlight what’s coming, when, why, what they should do and what the implications are for them (preferably with some ‘WIIFM’ – “What’s in it for me” – explanation in order to motivate the desired outcomes). In fact, it’s probably best summarized as ‘marketing the change’ to the stakeholders.

So what does all this have to do with free beer, saving money and freeing time?

Well, our friends and partners at FDT in Ireland have collaborated with our marketing team to host an event on March 23rd in Dublin. During the event we’ll have guest speakers from Mercury Engineering (in the morning session) and Rehab Ireland (in the afternoon). Representatives from both FDT and datango will highlight how datango helps save time and money on projects and, for those attending the afternoon session at the Guinness Storehouse, there’ll be an opportunity to sample some of the ‘good stuff’ for those that wish to indulge.

How are we marketing this to you, our “end users” on this change project? Simple: Free Guinness. Save Time. Save Money. Details Below.

Effective change communications don’t come more straightforward than this.

To find out more and to register, the invitation can be found here.

See you there,



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