Posted by: datango AG | February 9, 2011

It’s time to get ‘creative’…

I stumbled upon the video below on Michael Sampson’s blog and it’s a great segue  (if I do say so myself) into the research findings that Chris Dowse, CEO of Neochange, discussed with me in our webinar a week ago (click here if you want to view that event). In short, it’s time to do things differently (finally!).

As Chris says, the ‘old approaches’ to user adoption are inherently flawed. Not because they aren’t impactful, but rather we’ve been focused on the ‘wrong’ problems. And resourcing the wrong value drivers. If we’re really going to make a seismic shift in the right direction, it’s time to thing differently and target the ‘herd’ – the majority of our application users – using methods and approaches appropriate for their consumption and based upon application areas that will yield the greatest value. The returns can be impressive.

So with that said, and your creativity now (hopefully) challenged, take a look at the video below from Youngme Moon if you really want to avoid stifling the creativity within your organization:


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