Posted by: datango AG | January 20, 2011

Do IT departments need evolution or a revolution?

I’ve read a few interesting and thought provoking articles during the past few days of travel (Gogo internet onboard is, for me, a real productivity booster):

First, Ann All asks if high growth companies are more inclined to implement SaaS/Cloud apps. Then Aaron Levie, CEO of caused quite a stir with his article which espoused the democratization of IT app. selection via the user community. Finally, Tony Young, CIO of Informatica discussed the impact that cloud-based apps. have had on his IT department’s ability to innovate and add value.

All have a slightly different perspective, but they collectively beg a simple question: Does the cloud require a revolution in the way our IT departments go about their business OR is the advent of the cloud merely another evolution in the technology landscape that IT departments merely need to address as they did with previous technology shifts?

Your comments?


datango AG



  1. The democratization of IT applications is the same as it was when IM started. Now IT just manage it. It’s evolution not revolution.

  2. Evolution. A new technology just adds to the mix and not need a re-do.

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