Posted by: datango AG | November 16, 2010

CRM adoption ‘hidden gems’ from 2 case studies

I just read a presentation from 2 companies at last year’s’s dreamforce event (you can read it too here). Yes, I know it took me too long to get to this but having done so, I’d like to pull some of the ‘nuggets’ from its pages.

Despite the ‘traditional’ take-aways to ensure effective user adoption (listed below), these 5 points aren’t the ‘gems’ that I would have called out as the oft-missed reference points. For reference only, here’s the ‘usual suspects’:

1. Executive Sponsorship
2. Communication
3. Data Quality
4. Training Reinforcement
5. Process/Measurement

OK, so with those items acknowledged, here’s the top 3 ‘unsung hero tips’ that struck me as worthy of highlighting from our experiences with clients of datango and what’s implied in the slides (or inferred by me):

1) Judicious use of carrots to motivate, sticks to (erm, well) de-motivate – in a manner of speaking, and enhanced utility/enforced usage are three ingredients that you just can’t live without if you’re going to be able to drive optimal adoption

2) Cull the unwanted/not needed. Nothing inhibits usage more than the mundane. Make some tough decisions and cut the stuff that the company really doesn’t NEED to actually have entered and, if possible, get all of what’s left on as few screens as possible (and in SFDC, this isn’t always easy!)

3) Integrate where feasible (practically and financially). The more the CRM is a part of the sales process versus merely a repository for what’s happening in the sales process, the better (and if it can accelerate things, that’s just gravy!)

And my favorite quote from the whole presentation? “If they don’t log in, they can’t do their job” – John McGuigan, Fiberlink

Thanks to John McGuigan of Fiberlink Communications and Matt Williamson of Bronto Software (and to Nate Williams of I wish I’d seen this live. I guess there’s always next year…

Until then. Steve, datango


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