Posted by: datango AG | November 2, 2010

datango..interesting tidbits from recent customer events

With the datango customer events in Germany and the UK behind us and after a few days with a couple of our strategic partners, I wanted to share some of the collective insights from some of the smart people we’re lucky to work with… Here’s three of the interesting tidbits that came out of the last couple of weeks:


1)      System vendors are rigorously focused on accelerating ROI. They’re pre-configuring solutions, accelerating service delivery and enabling more self-configuration. This is good news provided they’re also ensuring that the materials required to support effective process adoption by users are equally configurable and for many, this is an increasing priority (I guess that’s why they’re talking to us?!).


2)      Clients are still facing a challenging economic environment as they begin to execute against previously ‘on hold’ projects. While these projects are now beginning to rollout, timelines, budgets and resourcing for delivery are exceptionally scarce forcing some tough decisions on resource and budget allocation. Many organizations are ‘going light’ on heavy configuration and instead balancing ‘cost to modify’ with ‘business impact’ and making trade-offs to meet shorter-term fiscal goals. As one project lead put it, “we’re now talking about gradual but constant change that can be planned and budgeted with a faucet you can easily turn off as opposed to a big bang project.”


3)      Systems Integration & Change Management consulting companies, starved of work during the financial crisis, have invested to become leaner and more nimble. Many of the discussions I had with the executives from these companies indicated that while they had made some tough decisions in the past couple of years, the resulting organizations are now better equipped to deliver projects to smaller entities at reasonable price points and at healthy margins. For many, this has manifested itself in a re-focus on the larger volume SME market and they’re re-architecting their service delivery infrastructure to address this audience accordingly.


Maybe it was because these discussions were all in a ‘datango’ context that the ‘themes’ raised are all areas where datango is well-positioned to be an enabling technology in the successful execution of each activity. In any event, what’s reassuring is that the recovery (albeit slow) appears to have made a profound impact on all of the stakeholders in the user adoption ecosystem.



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